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Delphi is a programming language that allows building websites and especially creating applications.
Color pickers are generally used by web developers, designers or artists to select and pick colors to create color schemes.

This set contains some tools that will help you select the codes for any desired color in a format used by Delphi.

All these applications are free to use.

Free Color Picker for Delphi download selection by Bill White. January 30, 2016

  1. ColorMania
    ColorMania Download
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    A tool for picking up the color of any specific pixel of your screen.

    ...pick a random color or launch the Windows default color picker to select a specific...

  2. Peacock Color Picker
    Peacock Color Picker Download
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    Pick a color of any pixel from your screen or from an image file.

    ...Color Picker is a simple free program that will let you pick any color ...Basic, Borland Delphi, etc...

  3. Bullseye Color Picker

    It is a functional program that is easy to use and absolutely free!

    ...Delphi Hex, & C Hex - Hide color code ...color picker - Enter your own color code and display its color...

  4. ColorSPY
    ColorSPY Download

    ColorSPY is a 32 bit Windows application for obtaining color codes.

    ...color code needed to reproduce it. Be it HTML, RGB, Delphi ...include Color Palette Picker and color Eye...

  5. ViaThinkSoft ColorManager
    ViaThinkSoft ColorManager Download
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    Open source

    Handy free tool to create your own color combinations for websites and programs.

    ...Delphi ...color palette. Finally, a third feature – the “Color picker” – will let you capture any color...

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